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No Download Guest App

Easy Checkin and Checkout

Having received a branded message from your hotel, guests click on the link to checkin in seconds. Guests have no more queueing and NO need to download an app.


For when some guest cant or dont use mobil they can checkin, checkout and print keycards.

Our integrated and easy to install kiosks come in multiple options and designs.


Keycard support using the kiosk terminals

Self service solution where your guests can print their door keycard when arriving at the hotel.

Guest Communication

Automated SMS and email workflows, branded templates and content. Our solution supports your guests through the pre-stay, in-stay and post-stay journey.

Guiding them effortlessly through the checkin/checkout process we free up your staffs time and ensure a consistent brand & guest experience.


Payments are integrated to support registration of the credit card during pre-checkin for incidentals & outstanding charges.


 Additionally the Chico solution supports payments on arrival as well as on departure. All of which servces to streamline the guest experience.

 Checkout receipts

Having enjoyed a delightful stay at your hotel, on checkout, via the Chico solution, your guests will receive a receipt & any final payments for their hotel stay via email.

No more waiting to leave when the guest is quite often in a rush.

 Hotel Branding

Branded for your hotel.


All communication, notifications whether by SMS, email or through the app carries your brand and tone of voice bringing quality and consistency to your communication with guests.

Language Support

With many guests coming from different countries our webapp and communications support your guest preferred language.

Easy PMS Integrations

Your time is valuable and the last thing you want to do is add complexity to your operations.

Chico knows this and we deliver the integrations to your existing PMS so you can receive the benefits of reduced costs and increased revenues fast!

Strategic Consulting

With a considerable expertise in the travel and hospitality industry helping our customers with revenue generation and service strategy we will advise and work with you to execute a strategy to improve operation cost, increase revenue and deliver a superior guest experience.

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