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Welcome to CHICO

Mobile Check-in and Check-out 

for Hotels

Better service

With CHICO installed at your hotel all your guests need is a PC, Tablet or Smartphone to complete the entire Check-in and Check-out process.

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Branding and Loyalty

Your hotel controls the entire look and feel of the application. CHICO also connects to your loyalty program.

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Latest Technology

CHICO integrates with Hotel PMS solutions and manages the entire Check-in and Check-out process including arrival confirmation, key activation and post stay folio distribution.

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Social Distancing and Covid 19 Precautions

When setting up Chico, hotels effectively introduce a touchless guest arrival and departure process. Guests are able to check-in and out for their stay through their own mobile device or laptop without any staff interaction, also hotels can provide sanitized room keys in the Room Key Express kiosk.

Fixed and foreseeable costs.

CHICO charges a flat fee per room/month for the entire service (lobby tablets excluded). Implementation is done online and the service can be live in just 48 hours.  

Cloud based.

No need to invest in expensive Check-in kiosks or local servers. CHICO is entirely web based and works with any PC, IOS or Android device.  

Integrates with your existing IT platform.

CHICO integrates with your existing property management system and door locks, so you don´t need to change key card solution, payment service provider or any other hardware in your hotel.

One solution for all your customers.

CHICO is available to all your customers, including online travel agencies, walk-ins or customers calling you on the phone.

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Why use CHICO ?

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