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The New Normal for Hotel Guest Experience...

...reducing unnecessary costs and freeing up your teams time to generate additional revenues is here!


It's easier than you think with CHICO to get live today and provide your guests with a better pre-stay, check-in, Instay, checkout and Post-stay experience.

Reduce staff workload - reduce administration and cost

Improve Guest experience - no need to download apps, and supporting branded communication - happy guests give better reviews and higher return guest rates

Boost revenue through upsells

A relaxed and happy women standing outside her hotel with her luggage using her mobile phone to checkin.

Revolutionizing Hotel Guest Experience with Innovative Solutions

At CHICO, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the hotel guest experience through innovative digital solutions.


Our goal is to provide hotels with the tools they need to enhance guest satisfaction, streamline operations, and increase additional revenues.

Your strategic partner to digitalisation.

Challenges that Chico solves 

Changing market conditions, consumer preferences combined with major shifts in technology have left hotels with a range of challenges .........thankfully you can solve all of these with Chico's easy to integrate guest experience and revenue generating solutions.

Staff shortages

Higher staff turnover combined with the difficulty to find well trained staff can make it more difficult delivering  a consistent level of service. 

This can have an impact on your brand.

Staff costs


Rising staff costs does have a big impact on the profititability of the business.


Long front desk queues

Research has found one of the major causes of guest frustration can be queuing to check in or check out. 

Peak times of the day can cause challenges with staffing. 

Administration overload

Guest administration is time consuming and costly. Staff need to be adding value and not processing the day day work.

Revenue Pressures

Pressure to provide competitive room prices can have quite a pressure on the margin.

During certain times of the year this can have a real negative effect

Missed Revenues opportunities

Busy staff can lead to missed opportunities to upsell and increase revenues that are becoming more important

Inconsistent Communication experience

Inconsistent communication experience

Inability to keep the guest experience and communication consistent, can have an impact your hotel brand

Our smart automation tools enable hotels to engage with guests proactively, whether it's personalized check-in instructions, in-room preferences, or post-stay feedback. By leveraging data-driven automation, hotels can elevate the overall guest experience.

Integration complexity

Choosing generic solutions, or investing in expensive, difficult to integrate solutions can undermine progress with your guest experience improvements.

Lock, payment & then PMS, CRM & even restaurant systems can make it very difficult to move forward with a digital strategy

The real value of Chico's Solutions

Revenue Generation - upselling


Driving a consistent sales experience, improving the conversion of upsells and repeat D2C bookings

A digital channel guests will prefer to buy the extra services from



$250 per room per month additional revenue

Operational Efficiency


Self Service and integration with your core systems removes unnecessary manual administration




30 to 50% reduction in front desk staffing costs

Self Service & Automation


Leads to staff cost reductions and creates a more consistent & better quality processes which  improves the guest experience



Guest Experience
Targeted & personalised communication creates a much better guest experience which improved reviews. 
Most guests are mobile focused & wish to have the information there so they know, giving them more confidence.


How it works

The guest journey you set using the Chico solution for your hotel starts with the guest booking via either your website or an OTA, and once the information is received by your PMS our integrated, automated, branded and personalised platform will handle the rest as follows:  

Guest books their accommodation and is registered on PMS

Guest Journey Wheel.png

Chico sends the Hotel's welcome email/SMS

Chico sends Upsell / Information emails/SMS

Checkin Invitation & registration (inc. payment) sent

Guest completes the online Check In 

Checkin, upsells & Room Keycard generated via Kiosk 

Guest Checkout Confirmation & payment

Receipt sent to guest

Post-stay communication, loyalty offers, and feedback

Guest Experience & Upsell Revenues

Checkout reminder

Upsell & Info emails,SMS

Elevate Your Hotel's Potential with CHICO's Digital Solutions

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