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Without Chico

With Chico

With Chico installed guests check-in and out of the hotel themselves!
Check-in from home
Let your guests check-in before arriving. Pre arrival check-in can be done from any device (mobile tablet or PC). The service is entirely web based and does not require any app downloading or complicated login procedures.
Room Key Express Kiosk
Guests can also use Chico check-in terminals in the lobby. These terminals are standard  Android tablets, so they are cost effective, reliable and require minimal support. The Terminals are integrated with your PMS and will perform the entire check-in process including key generation. Once checked-in Chico will send wifi access passwords and room numbers to the guest via SMS.


Room keys

Room keys are activated at the Room Key Express Kiosk. Key and door lock providers that are integrated with your PMS and support IP calls for key generation can be connected to lobby check-in tablets.



Chico check-out

Before departure guests receive a check-out alert via SMS or E mail specifying stay and incidental charges. The guest can confirm the charges directly on his smartphone, tablet or PC. The invoice is then closed for further charges in the PMS, and a copy is sent via e-mail to the guest. Keys are operational up until the specified check-out time and can be dropped off at any time in the reception.  

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